Wrong Way Squares Group Welcomes New Members

September 30, 2008

By: Julie Ault, Post-Tribune correspondent

HEBRON -- For those who are a little curious or just looking to try something new, the Wrong Way Squares are ready to demonstrate the difference between a Do-Si-Do and a Promenade.

The Square Dance Club is starting its new season of dances and classes for all ages. Members meet in the Hebron Elementary School cafeteria, and have brought dancers together for 36 years. Each September, they have two free nights of lessons to introduce more would-be dancers to their group. Regular lessons begin in October. The 70-member Club also has monthly dances and performs demonstrations around the area.

Larry Hakes, the Club President and a Chesterton resident, said they usually have 15 to 20 attend the free lessons. Often, several of those newcomers stick with the group. “We had 13 who joined last year,” Hakes said. “We’re hoping for and are open to families and all age groups.”

The Schara family of DeMotte joined last year. Kara and Joe Schara and their five children, ages 5 through 11, learn new moves or practice old ones Monday nights. They attend the monthly dances when they can. “It’s fun because we can do it all together,” Kara said. “With this, we’re out, we’re doing it together and we can talk about it together instead of everyone doing their own things.”

Michele Monson of Kouts came to her first lesson at the urging of a neighbor who is a Club Member.

“I just moved here from New Mexico; it’s kind of big there,” Monson said of Square Dancing. Although she said the moves weren’t as complicated as she feared, her partner helped out a bit. “He was a ringer; he kindly reminded me that the left they were talking about was my left hand,” she said.

Rose Hakes, Larry’s wife, said teaching a new dancer can be tricky. “I think it’s kind of hard, but I’ve helped them go the right way,” Rose said, adding she’s learned the men’s steps in case she needs to help a woman without a partner. “After a couple of lessons, they get so excited,” she said. “They’ll say it’s a lot more fun than they thought.”

Larry Hakes said one of the biggest challenges is getting husbands to take lessons with their wives. He advised Monson to convince hers to at least come out and watch. “We can say how much fun it is, but unless you come out, you don’t know,” he said. “There are a lot of guys out here who had to be dragged out, but now look.”

The only other challenge, he said, is working within the squares. “It’s working successfully together in a square and performing what the Caller is telling us to do,” Larry said. “But there’s no competition.” “We have the business owners and the carpenters -- everyone. It’s just a nice, active group, dancing together, having a good time.”

How To Join

For more information on the Wrong Way Squares, dance lessons or other Club activities, call Larry or Rose Hakes at 921-1196 or visit